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Combined together with a hefty discount, these complementary courses provide a solid foundation to understanding the pitfalls with digital transformation projects and what to do about it across the application lifecycle. Kick start your journey today!

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Andy O'Connor


Andy's interests lie on the boundary between risk management and technology for the lifesciences.

With 16+ years of experience in the industry, Andy has been involved in Quality and IT governance programs, overseeing the implementation of new approaches in risk and data integrity for companies transitioning from clinical to commercial manufacturing.

Andy regularly hosts training sessions and workshops on behalf of clients. He is also a practiced software developer and has been involved in many enterprise application projects. He has an honours degree in Science from University College Dublin. 

“A failure to imagine what can go wrong may lead to catastrophe. Investigating pains and gains through risk enables stakeholders to make decisions under uncertainty and propel new projects forward”
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