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Data Integrity and reliability are essential to business resilience and most importantly in Life Sciences they provide assurance that products are developed and manufactured to the required standard and patients can be confident that medicines are safe, effective and reliable to use.   Learning with ERA Sciences means that we understand the data and risk challenges you face on a daily basis – we focus on the impact of poor practices on the patient and advocate best practices in a realistic and practical way compliant with required regulations. We will help you avoid regulatory non compliances, avoid data pitfalls and build a culture of excellence through people, process, automation and governance.

Online vs Face-to-Face

It can be challenging to know how and where to start on your learning journey and too many technical terms can be intimidating.  Our Introductory online modules allow you to self pace and listen to topics with new terminology supported by real Life Sciences scenarios. You will be able to replay specific sections where you feel more time is required and you can contact the trainer with any queries. You will need to complete some exercises to gain certification.   Online interactive training sessions can be booked in advance to accommodate only your company or you can join an open course session. The trainer presents the topic and then you work through specific scenarios with trainer support. There is a pre-assessment required to join instructor led interactive sessions to ensure you have the basics of the topic. All scenarios must be completed to gain certification.   If you want a more personal learning experience and feel like you already have the basics interactive face-to-face training will allow you to upskill and more advanced topics will be presented. Every question is allowed, and our experienced trainers ensure that no one is left behind. You will work in groups and individually to complete the scenario and work session challenges in order to gain certification.


We already know your learning journey will be meaningful with us and add value - Why? Because we use scenarios and training material relevant to Life Sciences with problems that companies face on a daily basis.
You will have ready access to additional support including ERA Sciences in-house material informed by regulatory inspections and industry best practice guides.
Start your journey now and achieve greatness.
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